Merchants Benefits
SAVE Cast is fully integrated and provides immediate financial savings as there are no upfront development costs.

There are many benefits for the Merchant should they decide to use SAVE Cast as a deployment platform for their mobile marketing and digital discount initiatives.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Access to a wide variety of consumer and subscribers.
  • A merchant can take full advantage on the ongoing brand marketing of SAVE Cast.
  • A single place for mobile discounts and offers make it easy for the merchants.
  • SAVE Cast is fully integrated.
  • There are immediate financial savings since there are no upfront development costs.
  • SAVE Cast works on all major smart phones (iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and soon Android)
  • A merchant can be up and running sending and redeeming coupons in minutes.
  • When offers and coupons are redeemed all information is tracked and reported to the merchant.

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