Is Breeze DOCK For Me?
If you are looking for an easy and integrated way to offer mobile loyalty programs, Breeze D.O.C.K is the solution for you!

Is Breeze DOCK For Me?

Breeze D.O.C.K was developed with both the Merchant and the Consumer in mind. As both play an integral part in the life cycle of discounts, offers, coupons and key cards, the needs of each must be met.

Merchants – Ask Yourself These Questions

  1. Would you like the ability to push your coupons and promotions to consumers on a regular basis?
  2. Would you like this process to be as effortless as uploading a new offer in an easy to use system?
  3. Would you like the redemption process to be completely automated?
  4. Would you like to see how many coupons were redeemed?
  5. Would you like coupons to expire and delete form the system automatically?
  6. Would you like to pay for results only?

Consumers – Ask Yourself These Questions

  1. Would you like an easy way to manage your coupons and promotions?
  2. Do you want to stop clipping coupons and taking pictures of bar codes?
  3. Are you tired of sorting through your coupons at the checkout counter and showing your phone to the cashier?
  4. Do you want to save money on every visit to your favorite stores?

If you answered “YES” to many of the questions above, Breeze D.O.C.K would be the ideal choice for you! Make sure you Contact Us to find out when Breeze D.O.C.K is officially released!

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