Flip Pocket provides "Digital Solutions For A Digital World". We focus on delivering the best possible offering to have the greatest impact in all of what we do.

4 Reasons Why You Should Partner With Flip Pocket!

Mobile Expertise

1Simply put, we are mobile experts! From application design and development to marketing and deployment, we have the wherewithal to handle all aspects of ANY mobile or M-Commerce project.

Mobile Expertise
Custom Development

2We know what it takes to build a high quality mobile application - Why? because we've done it! We have been involved in mobile dev from the first Java-enabled phones to what you use now. See what we can do for you!

Custom Development
Discounts & Loyalty

3Welcome to the world without digital barcodes, pictures of coupons, newspaper clippings and text message offerings. We offer the most robust and easiest to use mobile redemption and loyalty solutions in the marketplace.

Loyalty Solutions
FP Advantage

4Working with Flip Pocket, you get the best of both worlds! You can leverage our mobile development and marketing experience as well as harness the powerful web solutions we can provide to deliver a custom solution.

Flip Pocket Advantage